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Self Expiring Name Badges

Self Expiring Labels and Name Badges on Sheets and Rolls.

For EVERYTHING that expires in 24 hours !

Using a patented technology, the word VOID appears on the face
of the label 24 hours after the label has been activated.

Self Expiring Name Badge

To Activate Self Expiring Feature....
  • 1) Remove label from liner.
  • 2) Fold Blue Tab behind label against the adhesive backing.
  • 3) The label has been activated.

    Within 24 hours a
    RED panel with a BOLD WHITE VOID
    will appear on the front of the label.
  • To activate Secure Name Badge
    To Activate...
    Fold tab back onto adhesive badge.

    Product Directory:

  • Single Use Self Expiring Labels on Sheets

  • Single Use Self Expiring Visitor Name Badges
    with Record Copy

  • Self Expiring Name Badges ON ROLLS

  • For EVERYTHING that expires in 24 hours !

    • Name Badges
    • Self Expiring Daily Parking Passes

      Self Expiring Parking Permit

    • Daily Tickets
    • One Day Food Tickets

      One Day Food Tickets

    • Cafeteria Pass
    • One Day Admission Pass
    • Visitor Passes
    • County Fair Admission
    • Rodeo Identification
    • Show Badges
    • One Day Event Tickets
    • Single Day In Store Discount Coupon
    • Building Admission Pass
    • Daily Juror Badge

      Self Expiring Juror Badge

    • One Day Parking Passes
    • One Day Guest Ticket
    • Waterproof label applications
    • Use your imagination......

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